JESSE YIH-CHING HONG; Plaintiff, vs. CHIH-CHIEH CHANG et al.; Defendants.

Case No.: BC651517

Related Case: EC066790

Hearing Date: February 21, 2019


defendanTS’ Demurrer to THE FIRST AMENDED complaint

MOVING PARTY: Defendants Chih-Chieh Chang (“Chih”) aka Jack Chang, Good Day, Inc. (“Good Day”), Ming Tai Chang (“Ming”) and Kao Huaw Lin Chang aka Linda Chang (“Linda”) (collectively, “Moving Defendants”).

RESPONDING PARTY: Plaintiff Jesse Yih-Ching Hong (“Plaintiff”).

The Court has considered the moving and opposing papers.


On February 22, 2017, Plaintiff filed the complaint in this action against defendants Chih, Good Day, Ming and Does 1 to 50 alleging causes of action for (1) declaratory relief, (2) specific performance, (3) breach of contract, (4) conversion, (5) accounting, (6) breach of fiduciary duty, (7) ........