Case No.: BC629589    

Motion to Quash Subpoenas for Records issued by Defendant, Diane Psahnoudis, filed on 11/20/17, is GRANTED. The court can quash the subpoenas to protect
the parties from unreasonable or oppressive demands including unreasonable
violations of the right of privacy. Cal Code Civ Procedure § 1987.1

The right to
privacy is protected by the California Constitution. Vinson v. Superior Court (1987) 43 Cal.3d 833, 839. Where
privacy rights are implicated, Defendant must show that the records sought are
directly relevant to Plaintiff’s claim and essential to the fair resolution of
the lawsuit. Davis v. Superior Court (1992) 7 Cal.App.4th 1008, 1014; Harris
v. Superior Court, (1992) 3 Cal.App.4th 661, 665. Defendant is not entitled
to information concerning Plaintiff’s entire lifetime medical history. Britt
v. Superior Court (1978) 20 Cal.3d 844, 864.

The scope of perm........