Case No.: BC626997    

As a preliminary matter, the Court reminds Plaintiff that “[e]lectronic documents must be electronically filed in PDF, text searchable format when technologically feasible without impairment of the document’s image.” (First Amended General Order re Mandatory Electronic Filing for Civil, 5/3/19.) Here, Plaintiff’s application for entry of judgment filed on August 6, 2020 is not text searchable. Any failure to comply with this aspect of the First Amended General Order in the future may result in the pleading at issue being stricken.

The Request for Entry of Default Judgment submitted on August 6, 2020 is rejected for the following reasons:

No request for dismissal (Judicial Council Form No. CIV-110) has been filed for all remaining defendants (including un-served Does 1-50). Plaintiff must file a CIV-110 as to Does 1-50.

The Court may not enter judgment in an amount exceeding the amount demanded in the Complaint. (CCP 585(b).) The Court may........