VERONICA RAMIREZ, Plaintiff(s), vs. JORGE ASTUL PINEDA, ET AL., Defendant(s).

Case No.: BC602528


Dept. 92

10:00 a.m.

November 16, 2017

Plaintiff’s motion was originally scheduled for hearing on 10/05/17. The Court issued a tentative ruling continuing the hearing on the motion in light of the fact that the parties had not participated in an IDC. Thereafter, Plaintiff scheduled IDCs for 11/06/17 and 11/09/17. No party, however, appeared for the IDC on either date. To date, no IDC has gone forward in this matter. The Court therefore takes the motion off calendar at this time.

In the future, the Court asks that the parties ensure they use the online calendaring system to take motions off calendar if they are not going forward.

If Plaintiff wishes to proceed with the motion, Plaintiff must appear at the hea........