WESLEY SAKAGUCHI, Plaintiff, vs. EDWIN JACOB GONZALEZ, et al., Defendants.


Defendant/cross-defendant Robert C. Wang’s Motion to Consolodate is GRANTED.

Case BC587799 is designated the lead case. All future filings are to be filed in the lead case and must include the caption and case number of the lead case followed by the case numbers of all other consolidated cases. All hearing dates in cases other than the lead case are vacated except for the FSC and trial date of December 11, 2017. The trial date of January 10, 2017 in BC587799 is vacated and continued to December 11, 2017. Discovery and motion cut-off per new trial date.

The Court considered the moving papers. No opposition was filed.


CCP §1048 grants discretion to the trial courts to consolidate actions involving common questions of law or fact. Subsection (a) gi........