Case No.: BC577212    

Defendant’s two (2) unopposed Motions to Compel Plaintiff’s Responses to First Supplemental Interrogatories; First Supplemental Production of Documents; and Request for Sanctions, filed on 6/12/17, are GRANTED. Plaintiff is ordered to provide verified responses without objection to all discovery within 10 days. Cal. Code Civ. Proc. §§2030.290(b), 2031.300(b).

Defendant’s unopposed Motion to Compel Plaintiff to Appear at Deposition; Request for Sanctions, filed on 6/12/17, is GRANTED. Cal Code Civ Procedure §2030.290. Plaintiff is ordered to appear for his deposition as duly noticed by Defendant.

The court imposes total sanctions of $540 for all three motions against Plaintiff for the failure to submit to an authorized method of discovery without substantial justification, which constitutes discovery abuse. Cal Code Civ Procedure §2023.010(a)(4).

Moving party is ordered to give notice.