Hearing Date: Friday, February 3, 2017
Calendar No: 11
Case Name: Tayyib v. Myungjin, LLC, et al.
Case No.: BC569694 (r/t BC558307)
Motion: Motion for New Trial
Moving Party: Plaintiff Munira Naaz Tayyib
Responding Party: No opposition filed

Tentative Ruling: Motion is denied.

On 1/20/15, Munira Naaz Tayyib filed this action against Myung Jin , LLC; Metro Escrow, Inc.; North American Title Company, Inc.; Prime Capital Group, Inc.; Stacey Lee; Ray H. Kang; Greg Mkrchyan; and Elsie Guerra arising out of a dispute concerning the sale of commercial property located at 4000 W. 3rd St., Los Angeles, CA 90020. Tayyib owned the property and was represented by her broker Prime Capital and its agent Mkrchyan; Myung Jin was the buyer and was represented by its broker Kang; Metro Escrow and its officer Lee provided escrow services; and NATC and its officer G........