Superior Court of California
County of Los Angeles
Department 50

JULIAN STEWART, et al, Plaintiff(s), v. FORD MOTOR COMPANY, et al., Defendant(s).
Case No.: BC643997


Judge Beaudet hereby discloses that approximately 17 years ago, she and her husband purchased a pickup truck for her husband’s use that he recalls was either a Dodge or Chrysler pickup; Judge Beaudet does not remember the maker of the pickup. The pickup developed electrical problems. Judge Beaudet’s husband took the pickup in to the dealer many times for the same electrical problem. The pickup was tested with some device while it was operating, and eventually, the manufacturer and the dealer agreed to take the pickup back and refund the purchase price. No litigation was involved. Judge Beaudet does not believe that her experience will cause her to be biased for or against either party. However, if you believe differently........