JENNIFER ALLEN, Plaintiff, vs. CITY OF LOS ANGELES, et al., Defendants.


Defendant Pueblo Nuevo Education and Development Group’s Demurrer is SUSTAINED WITH 10 DAYS LEAVE TO AMEND.

The Court considered the moving papers, opposition, and reply.


On November 3, 2014, Jennifer Allen filed a FAC against City of Los Angeles, Camino Nuevo Charter Academy (“CNCA”), and Does 1 through 25 for (1) dangerous condition on public property; and (2) negligence; and (3) premises liability. Plaintiff alleges that she tripped and fell on the sidewalk area in front of CNCA, sustaining serious injuries.
The City filed a cross-complaint against CNCA for (1) indemnification, (2) apportionment of fault, and (3) declaratory relief.

On October 27, 2016, plaintiff filed an amendment naming Doe 1 as Pueblo Nuevo Development (“PND”) and Doe 2 as Puebl........