Gomez v. Moraga et al.,

TENTATIVE RULING: The Court has reviewed the petition and finds the settlement fair and reasonable. The parties have an agreement for attorneys’ fees, which is attached to the petition, and the Declaration of Counsel is sufficient to substantiate the work done in connection with this matter. Petitioner has submitted copies of the relevant medical report. The petition is properly verified by Petitioner. The Court is therefore inclined to grant the petition.

However, the Court finds that Petitioner has failed to lodge a proposed order on Form MC-351. Petitioner is requested to complete Form MC-351. Form MC-351 should be provided to the Court on the hearing date. Form MC-351 should include the name and address of the guardian ad litem who will be receiving the funds.

The Court also notes that Petitioner requests the net settlement to be made available to the Claimant’s estate so that Claimant can undergo dental proced........