Defendant County of Los Angeles’ Motion to Dismiss.

The court has read and considered all pleadings in connection with this matter. No tentative is issued at this time.

Counsel to appear and argue, or in the alternative, they may submit on their respective pleadings.

If counsel choose to appear, they should prepared to address the factors contained in Cal. Rules of Court 3.1342, with a special focus on the following factors:

(9) Whether the interests of justice are best served by dismissal or trial of the case; and

(10) Any other fact or circumstance relevant to a fair determination of the issue.

In considering these specific factors, the court is interested in the relative strengths and/or weakness concerning the potential liability of the County in this case, and the court would like counsel to address the interplay between the applicable Amended General Order(s) of the PI Hub Courts, to the CCP........