In the Matter of Bruce M. O'Hop

Case No.: 56-2020-00545983-PR-LP-OXN    

GC-020 mailed 10/13/2020 to proposed conservatee, proposed conservator, relatives within the second degree, Tri-Counties DHCS, DHS, DDS for the 12/18/2020 hearing. However, petitioner filed a Request for Continuance.

Notice of the continued hearing date (GC-020) has not been filed.

Here it appears that the requirements of Pr. C. §2580 are met and that the trust meets the requirements of CRC 7.903.

However, this petition is premature. There are deficiencies in the petition for appointment of conservator and questions as to whether a conservatorship is needed.

This is a petition to create and fund a SNT under the substituted judgment provisions (Probate Code §2580) which applies to conservatees. If the conservatorship is established and proof of service re Notice of Hearing (GC-020) is filed, the court intends to grant. Otherwise, petitioner will need to bring this petition outside of a conservatorship action. ________________........