In The Matter of Joel Thomas Mueller

Case No.: 56-2020-00540569-PR-CP-OXN    

The I&A was timely filed by conservator on September 18, 2020. The court has reviewed the I&A. No appearance is required.

The court waives accountings so long as the estate satisfies the conditions of Probate Code §2628 for the account period.

The court date of August 31, 2021 remains as previously ordered.

The Clerk shall give notice.


The court discourages in-person appearances in Department J6 during the COVID-19 pandemic period. Appearances in Department J6 should be made by CourtCall (audio or video) whenever possible. A very limited number of people will be allowed in Department J6 at one time to comply with safety protocols. Face coverings (masks, etc.) are required at all times to enter the courthouse and Department J6, and appropriate social distancing in the courtroom and inside the courthouse shall be maintained at all times. You are encouraged to bring your own face covering to Cou........