Harold Rojas vs. Hot Topic Inc

Case No.: 56-2019-00535881-CU-BT-VTA    

Tentative ruling for October 8, 2020 on Motion for Preliminary Approval of Class Settlement by Plaintiff Harold Rojas

The Court (a) grants Plaintiffs' request for preliminary approval of the proposed class action settlement; (b) conditionally certifies the proposed class as defined in the settlement agreement for purposes of settlement only; (c) approves the procedures set forth in the settlement agreement with respect to the notice to the members of the class; (d) approves Plaintiff as class representative, and Plaintiff's counsel as class counsel; (e) preliminarily approves the attorney fees and expenses sought, on the condition that they be paid directly by Defendant and not out of the common fund, subject to final approval at a final approval hearing; (f) preliminarily approves the class representative enhancement, and (g) sets a final approval hearing on _________.