In the Matter of Graciela Villalbazo

Co-Conservators' Determination of Conservatee's Appropriate Level of Care (CG-355) was filed on 10/10/20. A copy of the facility care plan was attached.

Co-Conservators' care plan was due 6/30/20. It was filed on 6/22/20. The Care Plan indicates that the facility care plan was attached, when it was not, however, it was attached to the CG-355. The Court has reviewed the care plan and it is complete. No appearance required.

OSC re failure to filed level of care form GC-355 to go off calendar.

The next biennial status report will be filed on or before 1/11/21, and set for filing/sufficiency hearing on 2/16/21, 10:30AM, J6.

The Clerk shall give notice.


The court discourages in-person appearances in Department J6 during the COVID-19 pandemic period. Appearances in Department J6 should be made by CourtCall (audio or video) whenever possible. A very limited number of people will be allowed in Depar........