In The Matter Of Leslie Denise Bello

Case No.: 56-2019-00527890-PR-CP-OXN    

Tentative Ruling issued by Mark A. Lester, Judge Pro Tem presiding on 6/28/19:

This is a Petition for Appointment of a Conservator of the Person, only, of Leslie Denise Bello (the "Petition") by her parents, Esteban and Sandra Bello.

Is there a reason this is not a limited conservatorship rather than a general conservatorship given that the proposed conservatee is a recipient of services through Tri-Counties Regional Center? (If refiled as such to cure defects, public defender should be appointed.)

As of June 27, 2019, the Notice of Hearing for the Petition (Form GC-020) and the Petition are insufficient as both fail to list Leslie's maternal grandparents, Maria Elena Camacho and Juan Manuel Perez, as persons entitled to notice of the Petition and relatives within the second degree of Leslie.

As of June 27, 2019, there is no completed proof of service of the Citation upon the proposed conservatee as required under Probate Co........