In the Matter of Sandra Marie Blackford

Case No.: 56-2018-00508895-PR-CP-OXN    


1) Second & Final Account and Report (6/15/19 – 7/20/20);

2) Petition for Allowance of Fees;

3) For Order Transferring the Conservatorship Assets to the Washington State Conservatorship and 4) Discharge of Conservators.


The Order Fixing Residence to Washington was signed 6/01/20. Petitioner is alleging that since Conservatee already moved to Washington the mobile home was no longer her primary residence and they didn't need to get court approval. Copy of the Seller's Closing Statement dated 9/01/20 was attached to 11/16/20 supplement as Exh 3.

Conservator is in contempt and violated a specific Court Order. The initial appointment of conservator of the estate per attachment 3i to the Order specifically states that if the real property located at 61 Ash Lane, Ojai, Ca 930223 is sold during the conservatorship, then Court approval is required. The Bond was set at $30,000 b........