In the Matter of Sandra Marie Blackford

The Court orders Conservator to Amend the First Account and Report to correct the following deficiencies:

Corrected I&A. Beginning Property on Hand does not match the I&A filed on 12/14/18. File a Corrected I&A stating the correct value for conservatorship account #2826. POH lists #9906, $3,973.68 (trust) and #7348, $4,518.09 (joint) = $8,491.77. Neither of which is #2826 $9,099.45 on 12/14/18 I&A. The Supplement filed on 3/10/20 explains the difference of $607.68.

Commingling: The 6/15/18 Order does not indicate the Court approved a monthly Allowance to Conservatee. The Supplement filed on 3/10/20 states that allowance was coming from a petty cash Trust account. This is a Trust account and should not be part of the Conservatorship accounting. All disbursements on Exh. C from #4551in the amount of $2,485 should be removed. As well as #4551 from the Ending Balance on Hand Exh. E. (If you desire to prepare a separate Trust account to keep parties informe........