Dane Dudley vs. Betty Bernard

Case No.: 56-2017-00504612-CU-PA-VTA    

The following is a statement of the court's tentative ruling. The court may adopt, modify or reject the tentative ruling after considering the parties' oral arguments. The tentative ruling will have no legal effect unless adopted by the court.

No notice of intent to appear is required. If you wish to submit on the tentative decision, you may send a telefax to Judge Borrell's secretary, Denise Arreola, at 805-477-5894, stating that you submit on the tentative. A copy of the telefax must be sent to all opposing parties contemporaneous with transmission to the court. Please include the hearing date, the case name and case number on your telefax. Do not call in lieu of sending a telefax, nor should you call to see if your telefax has been received. If you submit on the tentative without appearing and the opposing party appears, the hearing will be conducted in your absence.

This matter comes on for hearing on the court's motion to reconsider its order of M........