Daniel M Geeting as trustee of the Geeting Family Trust dated October 19 1998 vs. Michael G Voight

Case No.: 56-2016-00482273-CU-OR-VTA    

Tentative ruling for June 12, 2019 on Defendant Michael Voight's Motion to Enforce Settlement Agreement

The court grants Defendant Michael Voight's request for an order enforcing his settlement agreement with Plaintiffs Daniel and Joyce Geeting pursuant to Code of Civil Procedure §664.6. The court orders judgment in favor of Defendant Voight and against Plaintiffs in the principal amount of $15,000, plus $2,260 in attorney fees and costs incurred in bringing the present motion to enforce the parties' settlement agreement.

In their Opposition Brief, the Geetings contend that (a) during the settlement negotiations, Voight represented that he had "good and clear" ownership of strips nos. 1 through 9; (b) Voight did not have "good and clear" ownership of those strips; and (c) as a result, the Geetings incurred additional fees and costs in the quiet title action contemplated under ¶4 of the written settlement agreement. The Geetings seek to have those addit........