Francisco Gonzalez vs. Toro Enterprises Inc

Case No.: 56-2016-00477077-CU-PO-VTA    

The court intends to Deny Plaintiffs Francisco and Aurora Gonzalez's request for an order quashing the eleven deposition subpoenas issued by Defendants Toro Enterprisee, Inc. and Golden Empire Equipment, Inc.

The eleven business records subpoenas that are the subject of Plaintiffs' motion all seek medical records and medical billing records regarding Plaintiff Aurora Gonzalez's medical treatment. The subpoenas are unlimited as to time and subject matter, seeking all records "from the first date of treatment to the present...." (See Original Armstrong Decl., ¶8; Exh. 2 [Subpoenas].)

Plaintiff Aurora Gonzalez correctly notes that her medical records are protected by her constitutional privacy rights. However, her privacy rights are not absolute, and discovery into those records may be justified by a competing interest. (See, e.g., Medical Bd. of California v. Chiarottino (2014) 225 Cal. App. 4th 623, 631-632.)

Because Plaintiff's constituti........