In the Matter of Xavier Ryan Lopez

Case No.: 56-2015-00474503-PR-CP-OXN    

Causal Document & Date Filed : Ex Parte Application - Other, 07/10/2017

On November 13, 2015, Jessica Gomez petitioned to serve as conservator of the person and estate of her cousin, Xavier Lopez. At about the time of death of Mr. Lopez's mother, Rita, Ms. Gomez and her mother, Rose, had moved into Xavier's home. The court's investigator concluded that Jessica "does not appear to have been forthright" during the probate investigation, and investigator was concerned about Jessica's perceived interest in her own financial gain. At that time, Jessica's mother, Rose, had received $185,000 in life insurance benefits on the death of Xavier's mother, Rita. When questioned in open court, Rose conceded even though she was the named policy beneficiary, Rita's express direction was that the funds were to be used by Rose entirely for the benefit of Rita's autistic son, Xavier.

Meanwhile, Rita had signed a formal trust agreement with professional trustee Angelique ........