In the Matter of Michael Taylor Moore

Case No.: 56-2012-00412108-PR-PW-OXN    

Ancillary estate was opened March 22, 2012.

No mandatory Probate Code §12200 report was ever filed.

Accept waivers. Approve petition and report. Executor waives statutory commission. Statutory attorney fee to counsel allegedly already paid as part of the primary Washington probate. The court approves the pour-over distribution of the estate assets identified on the September 19, 2012 inventory/appraisal into decedent's trust in compliance with the terms of decedent's will.

The court declines to transfer estate assets into a Washington limited liability company owned in part by the fiduciary and in part by the trust. Once the pour-over distribution is made into decedent's trust consistent with the terms of decedent's will, the probate estate will close and this court has no current subject matter jurisdiction over how the successor trustee subsequently wishes to exercise trust powers.