In the Matter of Brandon Paul Fuller

Case No.: 56-2011-00399778-PR-CP-OXN    

At the time of the general appointment by the judge pro tem on 9/6/11, no reporting dates were ordered, and no documents were subsequently filed by the conservator, including the 60-day level of care, the inevntory/appraisal, or any status report. The clerk sent blank forms of each to the conservator on 8/25/14, but none have been filed as of 10/2/14 at 1200 hrs.

The 9/1/11 investigator's report (page 7), the 1/22/13 investigator's report (page 4) ,the 12/13/13 investigator's report (page 4) and the 8/8/14 investigator's report (page 4) all noted the conservator's obligation to report and accout, and the latter three reports requested a court hearing due to conservator's failure to comply.

Discuss removal of conservator.