In the Matter of Ethel Berglund

Accept and approve the Final Account and Report of PG. Approve $600 in conservator fees to the public guardian. Approve $209 in attorney fees to the County Counsel. Approve $961.04 in bond fee.

PD Fees?

Was UK State Pension & Widow Benefits reversal of benefits of $1,765.27 ever processed? If not, then approve holdback of $2,000 to cover that expense.

Upon Verification of appointment of Probate Administer of the Ethel M. Berglund Estate, and filing of receipt of conservatorship funds, PG shall be discharged of duties as Conservator. ___________

The court discourages in-person appearances in Department J6 during the COVID-19 pandemic period. Appearances in Department J6 should be made by CourtCall (audio or video) whenever possible. A very limited number of people will be allowed in Department J6 at one time to comply with safety protocols. Face coverings (masks, etc.) are required at all times to enter the courthouse and Dep........