Katherine Sanden vs. Timothy O'Neil

Case No.: 56-2010-00379747-CU-PA-VTA    

Defendant has moved for an order compelling Behavioral Health Department of the County of Ventura (BHD) to produce treatment records of the plaintiff, Katherine Sanden. Plaintiff has declined to expressly authorize the production of those records, although she has identified BHD as having treated her for accident related conditions for which she seeks recovery. These complaints include categories of mental and psychological injuries not typical in the "run-of-the-mill" automobile accident. Plaintiff opposes this motion.

The court determines that defendant is entitled to records of BHD concerning its care and treatment of the plaintiff for mental and/or psychological conditions relating to memory deficits, insomnia, anger management, bipolar condition, depression, loss of sexual activity and/or loss of appetite, from August 21, 2007 to the present. The court will issue an order directed to BHD to either (1) produce records within its possession or control falling wit........