Wilkins vs Walmart Inc

Case No.: 37-2019-00013923-CU-PO-NC     Track Rulings In Case

Benjamin G. Berkley ("Movant")'s motion to be relieved as counsel for Plaintiff Erin Wilkins ("Plaintiff") is granted.

The court deems Plaintiff's lack of opposition to be a concession as to the motion's merits. In addition, Movant cites irreconcilable differences concerning the future handling of the case. The foregoing constitutes grounds to grant the motion. See Cal. R. Prof. Conduct 1.16(b)(4). The court further finds that that Movant has complied with California Code of Civil Procedure § 284(2) and California Rules of Court, rule 3.1362's requirements. Accordingly, the order relieving Movant as counsel shall be effective once Movant files with the court proof of service of the signed order upon Plaintiff. See Cal. R. Ct. 3.1362(e).