Durazo vs FCA US LLC

Case No.: 37-2018-00017575-CU-BC-CTL    

Plaintiff Michlin Durazo brings this motion to compel further responses to Form Interrogatory (Set Two), Special Interrogatories (Set Two), Inspection Demand (Set Two), and Requests for Admission (Set Two).

These written discovery requests were served on Defendant FCA US LLC on March 22, 2019. Plaintiff does not inform the Court how the requests were served. If served by mail, then responses would have been due on April 26, 2019. If served by overnight service, then responses would have been due on April 23, 2019. When defendant sought a two-week extension on April 26, 2019, plaintiff took the position that responses were already late, and on April 29, 2019 plaintiff rejected defendant's request for an extension. Defendant served responses on April 20, 2019, that consisted of objections only. Plaintiff appeared ex parte on May 16, 2019, seeking an order shortening time in which to bring this motion. The ex parte request was granted, with the motion being set for May........