Manuel Qasawa vs. Tommy MacCartee

Case No.: 37-2017-00006376-CU-PO-CTL    

The Demurrer by Marco Young to the First Amended Complaint is OVERRULED. The Motion to Strike is DENIED.

The Demurrer by Maria and David Feifel to the First Amended Complaint is OVERRULED. Marco Young

Plaintiff alleges causes of action for assault and battery against Defendant. The First Amended Complaint alleges that while he was attending an event, he was singled out and attacked by a gang of individuals that included Defendant Young. (See FAC, p. 3, para. 20.) Several of these individuals punched Plaintiff as he was trying to get into his car. (FAC, pp. 4-5, para. 24-28.) Contrary to the demurrer, the FAC alleges Defendant Young himself committed multiple violent acts against Plaintiff during this incident as discussed in the FAC. (FAC, pp. 5-6, para. 29-31.) After the initial attack by the other individuals, Plaintiff was in the front seat of his vehicle and attempting to leave the scene of the incident. (FAC, p. 5, para. 29.) Defendant Young then ........