Ford vs Allstate Indemnity Company

Defendant Allstate Indemnity Company's motion to disqualify Plaintiff's counsel, Guy Levy Law and Todd Glanz is GRANTED.

Flatt v. Superior Court (1994) 9 Cal.4th 275, sets forth the ground rules. Where the potential conflict is one that arises from the successive representation of clients with potentially adverse interests, the courts have recognized that the chief fiduciary value jeopardized is that of client confidentiality. Thus, where a former client seeks to have a previous attorney disqualified from serving as counsel to a successive client in litigation adverse to the interests of the first client, the governing test requires that the client demonstrate a "substantial relationship" between the subjects of the antecedent and current representations.

The "substantial relationship" test mediates between two interests that are in tension in such a context-the freedom of the subsequent client to counsel of choice, on the one hand, and the interest of........