G8 Development vs Community Development

In light of Plaintiff's admission in its companion motion for leave to file first amended complaint that the allegations against Defendant Community Development Commission (CDC) are identical to the allegations against the CDC pled in the original complaint, the Court will construe the CDC's instant Motion for Summary Judgment/Summary Adjudication of Issues which was addressed to Plaintiff's original complaint as being filed against Plaintiff's first amended complaint. Defendant's initial Request for Judicial Notice is granted.

Defendant's supplemental request for Judicial Notice is denied as the exhibits attached to that request are not relevant to the material issues raised in this motion.

The Court declines to rule on Defendant's evidentiary objections pursuant to CCP 437c(q). The evidence objected to is not material to the ruling on this motion granting summary judgment for the reason set out below.

Defendant's Motion for Summary Judg........