Case No.: 37-2015-00025623-CU-PO-NC    

The Motion for Summary Judgment brought by defendant Kevin Tussy ("Defendant," "Tussy," or "Homeowner") is DENIED.

Objections to Evidence.

Plaintiff Cristian Trujillo ("Plaintiff," "Trujillo," or "Worker") raises several objections in his Response to Separate Statement. ROA 43, ¶¶ 1-4, 17, and 25-28. Under California Rule of Court, rule 3.1354(b), "[a]ll written objections to evidence must be served and filed separately from the other papers in support of or in opposition to the motion." Furthermore, they must follow specific formatting requirements and be accompanied by a proposed order with blank spaces for the Court to easily mark them "sustained" or "overruled." See California Rules of Court, rule 3.1354. Plaintiff has failed to meet these requirements. As such, the objections are not properly raised and the Court declines to rule on them. Defendant raises several evidentiary objections. The Court rules on those objections as follows: Objection No.........