Marcy Krinsk vs. Monster Beverage Corporation [E-FILE]

Case No.: 37-2014-00020192-CU-BT-CTL    

The Motion (ROA # 467, 473) of Defendants Monster Beverage Corporation and Monster Energy Company ("Defendants") under California Rules of Court 2.550 and 2.551 for an order sealing information filed conditionally under seal by Plaintiffs in support of their opposition to Defendants' Motion for determination that Plaintiffs' LRA claim is without merit and Summary Judgment or, in the alternative, Summary Adjudication as to all other claims, is GRANTED.

Under California Rule of Court 2.550, the Court may authorize the filing of a record under seal if: (1) there is an overriding interest that overcomes the right of public access to the record; (2) the overriding interest supports sealing the record; (3) a substantial probability exists that the overriding interest will be prejudiced if the record is not sealed; (4) the proposed sealing is narrowly tailored; and (5) no less restrictive means exist to achieve the overriding interest. (Cal. Rules of Court, Rule 2.550(d); ........