Marcy Krinsk vs. Monster Beverage Corporation [E-FILE]

Case No.: 37-2014-00020192-CU-BT-CTL    

The Motion (ROA # 293, 310) of Non-Party The Coca-Cola Company's ("TCCC") to Quash, or, in the alternative, Motion for a Protective Order, as to Plaintiffs Mayan Mooney, Chayla Clay and Marcy Krinsk's (collectively, "Plaintiffs") Deposition Subpoena for Production of Business Records (the "Subpoena"), pursuant to California Code of Civil Procedure Section 1987.1, on the grounds that (1) the Subpoena is overbroad in time and scope and calls for information that is irrelevant to the subject matter of this litigation; (2) the Subpoena improperly seeks discovery from a non-party that could be (and in many instances already has been) obtained from parties to this litigation; and (3) the Subpoena demands disclosure of material protected by the attorney-client privilege, the attorney work product doctrine, and privacy rights afforded to parties and non-parties under California law, is GRANTED IN PART, DENIED IN PART AND WILL BE HEARD IN PART.

The parties appear to have nar........