California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection vs. Paradise Associates, Inc.

Case No.: 37-2014-00015780-CU-MC-CTL     Track Rulings In Case

Defendant/Cross-Complainant Gerald George Gossman's motion to tax costs is granted in part and denied in part.

4. Deposition costs: Denied.

The court finds counsel's signature on the Memorandum of Costs and the Declaration of Anthony Westlake in Support of Plaintiff's Memorandum of Costs sufficient to support the amount of costs claimed for deposition transcripts. Although the "Costs of Suit Summary" attached to the Westlake declaration is not prepared in a manner to allow for ease in comparing with the costs identified on the Memorandum of Costs, it appears to the court that all of the "Transcribing" fees listed in the Memorandum of Costs are included in the Costs of Suit Summary. The court also finds the evidence sufficient to establish the "Travel" costs as reasonable. The court is not persuaded by Gossman's argument that attorneys in the local California Office of the Attorney General should not have taken depositions outside of San Diego. The fort........