Todd Baker vs. Pinnacle Estate Properties Inc. a California corporation

Case No.: 34-2018-00231681-CL-BC-GDS    

The Court will hear arguments on the motion for New Trial/Judgment Notwithstanding the Verdict. The Court will attempt to get a tentative ruling out before the hearing but may not be able to do so. Telephone appearances are allowed.

The parties are specifically requested to address whether the trial ordered by Department 47 was under the voluntary or mandatory expedited jury trial rules.


Parties requesting services of a court reporter shall advise the court at (916) 874-7885 no later than 4:00 p.m. the court day before the hearing. Please be advised there is a $30.00 fee for court reporting services, which must be paid at the time of the hearing, for each civil proceeding lasting less than one hour. Govt. Code §68086(a)(1)(A).

The Court Reporter will not report any proceeding unless a request is made and the requisite fees are paid in advance of the hearing.

All filings and pleadings except Law and Moti........