Rebecca Nishimoto vs. T&S Business Corporation

Case No.: 34-2017-00211426-CU-OE-GDS    

The Court issues the following tentative ruling for the hearing set for January 14, 2020 at 9:30 a.m. regarding the unopposed motion of Plaintiff Rebecca Nishimoto ("Plaintiff"), as an individual and on behalf of all others similarly situated, for preliminary approval of class action settlement and related relief.

While the Court's ruling tentatively indicates that it will grant preliminary approval of the class action settlement, subject to certain conditions, the Court must still hold a hearing on the motion as it may involve the receipt of evidence. Although the Court anticipates that no party will request oral argument, and while no class member indicated any intent to appear at the hearing, this does not relieve the parties from appearing at the hearing or otherwise render the instant ruling final in the event oral argument is not requested. The Court will not render a final ruling until it holds the preliminary approval hearing. The Court will allow telephone ........