Brian O'Donnell vs. Gary P Lagree, Trustee of the Gary P Lagree Revocable Living Trust Dated December 1, 2009

Case No.: 34-2017-00210947-CU-OR-GDS    

Good cause appearing and based on the stipulation of the parties, Defendants/Cross-Complainants/Cross-Defendants' motion to vacate the trial is granted. The Court finds good cause for continuance based on the stipulation of the parties, the need for additional discovery, and the potential to resolve this matter prior to trial.

The September 3, 2019 trial date is vacated. Further, pursuant to the stipulation of the parties, all statutory deadlines, including discovery and expert discovery, shall be governed by the new trial date. Accordingly, this case is referred to Trial Setting Process for selection of Trial and Mandatory Settlement Conference dates. All counsel (including parties appearing in pro per) shall confer and agree upon trial and settlement conference dates. Available dates can be obtained on the court's web site at, or by recorded message at 916-874-6098. Plaintiff's counsel must notify the court of the selection of Mandatory ........