Milisa Houston vs. Ford Motor Company

Defendant Ford Motor Company's ("Ford") motion to strike Plaintiff Milisa Houston's ("Plaintiff") prayer for punitive damages in the Complaint is DENIED.

Plaintiff's request for judicial notice is granted.

This is a lemon law action. Plaintiff alleges violations of the Song-Beverly Act arising from Ford's alleged failure to repair her 2012 Ford Fiesta ("Vehicle") within a reasonable amount of time and with a reasonable number of attempts, in breach of express and implied warranties. Plaintiff further alleges that Ford committed fraud by omission because it was aware of the alleged defects to the Vehicle's transmission but knowingly concealed those defects when it sold the Vehicle to Plaintiff.

Ford argues that Plaintiff's punitive damages claim should be stricken because it is not pled with the requisite specificity and does not comply with the pleading requirements of Civil Code § 3294. Ford further argues that the economic loss rule bar........