Nancy Knappenberger vs. Rosalba Becerra Cruz

Case No.: 34-2016-00201487-CU-PA-GDS    

The following is a copy of the tentative ruling for the hearing on June 7, 2019. NOTICE:

To request oral argument on this matter, you must call the Court at (916) 874-5684 (Department 29) by 4:00 p.m., the court day before this hearing and notification of oral argument must be made to the opposing party/counsel. If no call is made, the tentative ruling becomes the order of the court. Local Rule 1.06(B).

Parties requesting services of a court reporter shall advise the Court at (916) 874-5684 no later than 4:00 p.m. the court day before the hearing. Please be advised there is a $30.00 fee for court reporting services, which must be paid at the time of the hearing, for each civil proceeding lasting less than one hour. (Govt. Code § 68086(a)(1)(A).)

The Court Reporter will not report any proceeding unless a request is made and the requisite fees are paid in advance of the hearing.

The Court hereby rules on Plaintiff Nancy Knappe........