Ethan Conrad vs. Supply Hardware Inc

Case No.: 34-2014-00173085-CU-BC-GDS    

The parties having stipulated and good cause appearing, plaintiff Ethan Conrad's motion to consolidate Conrad vs. Supply Hardware Inc., et al. (34-2014-00173085) with Supply Hardware Inc. v. Ethan Contrad Properties, Inc. et al. (34-2014-00167096) for all purposes including trial is GRANTED. Supply Hardware Inc. v. Ethan Conrad Properties, Inc. et al. (34-2014-00167096) shall be the lead case. The case management judge assigned to the lead case shall hear case management issues in the consolidated cases. The case management time lines applicable to the lead case shall govern both cases.

The April 25, 2017 trial date in the instant matter is vacated. The consolidated action is assigned the June 5, 2017 trial date set in the lead action.

The Court finds good cause to consolidate given the stipulation of the parties and the fact that the cases involve common parties, witnesses, legal issues and facts. Both cases arose from the same contract dispute regard........