Aeryn McCrorey vs. Tim Lewis Homes

Case No.: 34-2011-00116005-CU-BC-GDS    

Good cause appearing, and no opposition to the continuance having been received, cross-defendant Norman Scheel Structural Engineering's ("NSSE") motion to continue the May 1, 2017 trial date is granted. NSSE's motion in the alternative to sever the cross-complaint is denied as moot. NSSE argues that good cause exists to continue the trial because it was added as a Roe on the cross-complaint on February 1, 2017, and thus will be prejudiced if the trial is not continued as it will be unable to sufficiently conduct discovery prior to trial. Alternatively, NSSE argues that if the Court is unwilling to grant the continuance, the Court should sever Defendant Tim Lewis's ("Tim Lewis") cross-complaint as to NSSE.

Tim Lewis does not oppose the continuance. However, Tim Lewis opposes the motion to sever, arguing that severance will not promote judicial economy and will prejudice the defendants and cross-complainant, who will have to pay double expert witness fees for the two ........