Aeryn McCrorey vs. Tim Lewis Homes

Case No.: 34-2011-00116005-CU-BC-GDS    

Plaintiffs motion to consolidate the instant action with six other construction defects actions for purposes of complex case coordination, discovery, pre-trial motions and trial is DENIED for the reasons set forth below.

Plaintiffs seek to consolidate seven separate construction defects actions. Each action is brought by a separate set of plaintiffs. Each action involves a separate residential neighborhood with a different set of developer and builder defendants. Plaintiffs contend that the separate actions raise many of the the same legal issues and facts and would involve many of the same expert witnesses.

Multiple defendants and cross-complainants ("Defendants") oppose consolidation arguing that the cases have very little in common. Defendants point out that the cases involve different plaintiffs and defendants and diffferent construction projects. Defendants argue that there would be different witnesses in every case and different factual and legal........