Dennis L Hammond vs. Pacific Tile & Natural Stone

Case No.: 34-2011-00100146-CU-PO-GDS    

No appearance is required under the following conditions:

Case Management Conference - Case Management Program continued to 01/19/2012 at 08:30 in this department.

New Case Management Statements shall be filed by all parties no later than 15 days prior to the hearing pursuant to Local Rule 11.055

Plaintiff shall promptly secure service of the Summons, Complaint, Statement of Damages, and Statement of Punitive Damages (if required) or obtain service by publication. All answers/responsive pleadings must be on file by 12/08/2011. If no appearance(s) are made, plaintiff shall diligently proceed to file a Request for Default and Default Judgment of defendant(s).

Absent a request to appear and be heard for any matter on the Case Management Calendar, all tentative rulings shall become the final ruling of the court. The tentative ruling, or such other ruling as the court may render, will not become the final ruling of the court unti........