Patricia Taylor vs. Stephen Virdure

Case No.: 34-2011-00096006-CU-PA-GDS    

No appearance is required under the following conditions:

This matter is referred to Arbitration and to the Trial Setting Process assuming a Trial De Novo is timely filed.

This matter is ordered to Arbitration as of 08/30/2012. Parties must stipulate and phone in the names of at least 4 arbitrators by calling the Arbitration Unit at 916-874-7438 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. only on 09/04/2012. The Court will appoint arbitrators if the parties do not call in their arbitrators on the designated day.

This case is referred to Trial Setting Process for selection of Trial and Mandatory Settlement Conference dates. All counsel (including parties appearing in pro per) shall confer and agree upon trial and settlement conference dates. Available dates can be obtained on the court's web site at, or by recorded message at 916-874-6098. Plaintiff's counsel must notify the court of the selection of Mandatory Set........