The Regents of the University of California vs. Ann Edwards, et al.

Case No.: 34-2009-80000383-CU-BC-GDS    


The Regents of the University of California ("Regents") "Motion for Approval of Use of Statistical Sampling Evidence for Adjudication of BRMS-Period Claims" is GRANTED.

Regents seek reimbursement for medical indigent care under Welfare & Institutions Code § 17000 et seq. They pray for an order approving the use of statistical sampling methodology as evidence of the extent of the County of Sacramento defendants' ("County") payment obligations with respect to the approximately 57,000 reimbursement claims for medical care rendered by the UC Davis Medical Center under the County Medical Indigent Services Program.

Whether statistical sampling is appropriate presents a question of law. (Ratanasen v. State of Cal. Dep't of Health Services (9th Cir. 1993) 11 F.3d 1467, 1469-1470.) The instant motion is confined to the question of whether statistical sampling may be used. The Regents assert, and the County does not contest, that ........