Noel Lynn Roberts vs. Downtown Plaza LLC

Case No.: 34-2009-00035722-CU-PO-GDS    

Roberts v. Downtown Plaza, LLC – Case No. 34-2009-00035722 – Motions in Limine – Tentative Rulings

The following is a copy of the tentative ruling that will be distributed at the first day of trial on February 14, 2011. Because this hearing involves a pretrial motion, this preliminary ruling does not excuse the parties from their obligations to appear and will not become final simply because a hearing is not requested, unless the parties agree that an oral hearing will not be necessary. The motions are discussed below according to the number designated by the moving party. The rulings are based on the state of facts that appear as of today's date. Subsequent facts may require a change in the rulings, although this statement is not an invitation to reargue a ruling nor is it permission to violate a ruling before the court has made an explicit order changing any of the rulings below.

Plaintiff's Motions in Limine

1. Motion to exclude refere........