Robert Boyd vs. Westech Industries Inc

Case No.: 34-2009-00031406-CU-OE-GDS    

Boyd and Daniels v. Westech Industries, Inc – Tentative Rulings

Plaintiffs' Motion in Limine

#1 – To exclude Defendant's Amended Response to Requests for Admissions and Admit Original Responses – DENIED, it appears that the original responses were an improper combination of objections and responses which did not comply with the requirements of the CCP. Plaintiffs and Defendant met and conferred, by letter, regarding the matter and agreed that Defendant would serve Amended and/or Supplemental Responses which were served as agreed. It does not appear that Plaintiffs filed any subsequent motions regarding the Amended Responses to Admissions or sent any further correspondence in attempting to meet and confer further on them. Thus, the Supplemental Responses to Requests for Admission are the only valid responses.

#2 – Request to take Judicial Notice – GRANTED, no objection or opposition having been filed. It does appear that the document in qu........