Maxine Ekstrom vs. National Railroad Passenger Corporation

Case No.: 34-2008-00023088-CU-PO-GDS     Track Rulings In Case

Motions In Limine

Plaintiff's Motions:

1. Motion to exclude collateral source benefits

This motion is granted in part, and reserved in part, as set forth below.

The parties' positions are somewhat confused on collateral source benefits, Plaintiff's ability to present all of her medical bills, and the procedure for ensuring that Plaintiff receives only the reasonable value of her past special medical damages that she actually incurred or paid in the event of a verdict in her favor. In addition, the issues raised by this motion in limine touch upon other related motions by both parties.

Plaintiff contends that benefits that she received from the Railroad Retirement Board are collateral source benefits to both Amtrak and Drummac. Plaintiff contends that health insurance benefits she received under the TCU collective bargaining agreement are collateral to Drummac, but impliedly not Amtrak. On this basis, Plaintiff ........