Case No.: 34-2008-00022710-CU-PL-GDS    


The following are the Court's tentative rulings with respect to the motions filed in connection with the case below.

Department 16

Superior Court of California

720 Ninth Street, 3rd Floor

Kevin R. Culhane, Judge

Sharon Brown, Clerk

Macklin v. Americrete – Case No. 34-2008-00022710 – Motions in Limine – Tentative Rulings.

Plaintiff's Motions in Limine

1. Motion to exclude witnesses

The motion is granted. It is not opposed.

2. Motion to limit expert testimony

The motion is granted.

Plaintiff seeks to limit the testimony of defendant's five party-affiliated expert witnesses on three grounds.

1. Plaintiff seeks to exclude opinions not testified to at deposition;

2. Plaintiff seeks to exclude reference to documents not produced at deposition; and

3. Plainti........